From starch to modified starch

  1. Starch dosage – Dosage of native potato starch into lines.
  2. Starch pre-heating and dosage of liquid chemicals – Heating of starch on the reaction temperature. Dosage of liquid chemicals with water and catalysts – the dosage of chemicals and starch depends on the recipe for the desired product.
  3. Reaction of starch with chemicals – A controlled chemical reaction is carried out in reactors, which takes up to a few hours or days depending on the recipe.
  4. Dosage of powder mixtures – After the reaction period other powder chemicals are dosed according to the recipe.
  5. Milling and sieving of products – The final product is sieved by adequate granulation with any larger granules milled and returned to the process. Therefore, this is waste-free, environmentally friendly technology.
  6. Storing.
  7. Dispatching in tanker trucks and bags.>
  8. Points 1-3: production of inter-product
    Points 4-7: production and dispatching of product

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