Paper mill industry

Native potato starch: After modifying starch by thermochemical conversion, starch is then used for glueing paper surfaces.

Dextrin: Glueing and processing of paper, paperboard and cardboard. We recommend performing laboratory or operational tests to select the appropriate product type due to the variety of technologies now in use.


Cationic starches: Because of their positive charge they strengthen the formation of inter-fibre connections of cellulosic fibres whose natural charge is negative. Their positive effects are:

  • Higher quality strength for paper and dry paperboard (tensile strenght, burst strength, internal bond strength, surface strength).
  • Increased retention of fine parts in fillers and acceleration of dewatering on foundrinier wire – dual retention system.
  • Reduction of surface dusting on paper and cardboard during subsequent printing processes – lower content of disturbing substances (anionic colloids) in paper machine circuits and reduction of chemical consuption of oxygen.
  • Reduction of deposit risk, improved runnability of paper machines (reduced breakage), ASA size.
  • Cooked cationic starch with reduced pH is emulsified together with ASA size for glueing paper into mass amounts.

If you are interested in these products, please contact the company Solam. The company is responsible for the sale of cationic starches for the paper industry.

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